Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring has sprung

I'm currently in a Modern Furnishings class where we are learning about.........anyone, anyone? Modern Furniture! This store is defiantly the place to be when it comes to all of the "classic" modern pieces. The Conran Shop.

But first, we need to take a look at their spring store display in London. Yes, that is a rug, and it is made out of 2 million fabric petals!


Pictures from Bright.Bazzar

Here are some of The Conran Shop's Modern Furnishings.

1. The Cherner Side Chair $729,  2. The Barcelona Chair, on sale for $1,818.15 (wow what a bargain!)
3. The Bentwood Chair $150,  4. The Panton Chair $1,405.00


  1. I love these pictures! Yay for warm weather!

  2. i want a white tulip table for a breakfast nook so badly. i loved modern furnishings.. oh miles! (:

  3. i am obsessed with all of this and cannot wait for this class now. yummmmmmmmmm!!