Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cookie Advice

So today in my Resources and Career Issues class, We had a guest speaker,Tami Cromar, who owns and operates RubySnap cookie shop in Salt Lake. They make gourmet cookies made with all natural ingredients that are amazing!

Tami talked to us about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and starting your own business. She was full of great advice, these were some favorites.

  1. "Make sure no matter what you choose to endeavor, that you are so passionate that you will still love it even when you feel like the journey will kill you!"
  2. "...success means living on a perpetual learning curve, always growing, always chasing to be a step ahead. Notice I never mentioned money, money does not equal success, meeting goals and milestones does."
  3. "Also be open to hearing others ideas, you don't have to like them, want them, but there will almost always be a growth opportunity to see another's view and cultivate new ideas."
  4. You can't force creativity, but you can leave yourself available to inspiration by minimizing stress and distraction."
  5. "Always treat others with the utmost respect even if they secretly grind on you from inside. Everyone IS someone and you never know when someone will step forward to be an ally in your goals."
  6. "You don't have to be an expert at all things; you just have to be smart enough to know when to call on others for help."
  7. "No one will guide you in what to do next, you will have to ask, look, learn, study, repeat!"
  8. "Dead ends come, and dead ends go. Don't get discouraged, staring can feel like the hardest part.                                  And Lastly..
  9. "Hold onto humor for dear life, without humor you're a gonner!"
And on top of all that she makes one heck of a good cookie! Obviously, after the presentation we (Me,  Lexie, Sarah  and some other friends) all rushed to RubySnap to try some of these cookies we were hearing and drooling over. So our favorite was the cookie of the month of March, its called "The Lucy" and oh my wow! Its a lime dough cookie with lime zest and a lime ganache on top. But its only there in the month of March so I would jump on that if I were you. Second was "The Rici" its a coconut dough cookie with chocolate chunks and almonds! so good!

Anyway, we had some good advice and some good cookies, I'd call that a very productive day!


  1. cute! wish i were there to test out the cookies with you gals. i miss you all tons!