Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Park City Hotel Design

This past fall I had had to pleasure of staying the weekend in Park City with my husband's family at The Waldorf Astoria. The Waldorf Astoria is a new hotel in Park City located in The Canyons Resort.
I loved the feel of the hotel and I think the style of the interior would defiantly be considered "Mountain Contemporary"  =) Not to mention it was my inspiration for my mountain contemporary project.

This sofa is amazing, it is 2 sided...not 2 sofas back to back, but 1 sofa with 2 sides! insane! I can't imagine fitting that through a door!

Here are some pics I got of the hotel. 

There's my husband Josh

Loved the chair

Oh no.....the Karate Chopped Pillows!!! bad. (the next day when no one was looking, I went around and fixed all of unfortunate) They should hire me as their in-house designer so I can make sure they aren't running a muck of the pillows. I guess thats where the phrase "Pillow Fluffer" comes from. Although, after looking the phrase up on urban dictionary, it has an entirely different meaning that is actually quite crude. Sorry kids!

Anyway, the Hotel was beautiful and I'm glad we got a chance to feel fancy.
Thank You Grandpa and Grandma Nooner!
Love from Katie and Josh =)

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