Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to East Hampton

Being a big name in design you've had your brush dipped in several different jars, but there is one jar in particular that's hosting the big time brushes, East Hampton.
You can design anywhere in the world but it seems like almost every designer's portfolio has to include an East Hampton estate, like its a requirement to be taken seriously. Although, I guess every designer should be able to cover every medium in design, so the East Hampton style is just one base that needs to be covered to let the potential clients know, "Oh hey, I can design your Manhattan office, your Park Ave. apartment...ANND your 6th vacation home in the Hamptons. Here are a few different designers takes on that weekend get away.

Designer: Phoebe Howard

Designer: Tom Scheerer

Designer: N.R. Design Studio (Nanjoo Joung and Rick Garofalo)

Yes, They all can do the Hamptons very well. Check. 

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