Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Craftsman Banister

My parent's house was built in the 70's and even though it has been remodeled, she still has some parts of the home that still need some updating, one of them being the banister. Here is a pic of that I found of me, the fam and the stair-rail.

My Parents are wanting to update it but were unsure of which style to go with. I found a house that looks like it was built around the same time and has similar bones as the Tekulve home, including the same stair-rail. These are some before and after pictures of a stair-rail from The Hillside Home that was beautifully updated.

As you can see, it is very similar to my mom's rail. Even the same type of stairway set up. 

After Pictures!

Both houses aren't craftsman style homes, but the clean lines still compliment the architecture of both homes. This would be a nice update to my mom's home and will help bring up the value if they were to move. 

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