Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zebra hide rug

I am working with a client who loves anything zebra print. In her family room we are doing an ottoman and pillows in one of my favorite zebra fabrics, it is very casual and durable so perfect for a family room. We are doing a mineral blue leather banding at the bottom and large antique nail heads on the banding.
It is going to be so cute! these are the other pillow fabrics we were thinking of for the room. 
And all the pillows will have a mini ruffle in the outside fabric. 
This room will be bright, casual and fun and I am super excited about it. 

For her living room she was wanting it more formal but still wanted zebra print in there somewhere. So I was thinking of doing a zebra hide rug, instead of doing more pillows.  Here are some inspirations...



I love that the rug will add "the zebra" without going overboard! On my hunt I found some really good priced rugs! 

Horchow $609 

west elm $599 

Zebra Brown on Beige Brazilian Cowhide Rug, Large 5ft. X 7ft.
Amazon.com for $399

Cowhide Zebra XXl large stencil animal print
Amazon $253 

And i saved the least expensive for last! 

Zebra Hide Polyproplene Rug (5' x 7')
overstock.com for $91.99

and last but not least a zebra hide DIY 


  1. love your design! so funny... i was just thinking about doing carpet tiles in a black and navy zebra print. what do you think? for some reason though, zebra rugs in the shape of a hide weirds me out, even if i know it's faux. you?

  2. lol, ya it kind of looks like the zebra sprawled out with it's head cut off, but I actually still like the look of a zebra hide, I would do it in my house if I had wood flooring.
    So where is this carpet tile going? in your home? I sounds cool, but it sounds like something that would be in a tween "justice" clothing store. http://www.shopjustice.com/ I want to see what it looks like!