Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary Josh!

Josh and I have been married 3 years today! I can't imagine my life without Josh, I have no idea where I would be without him. I feel like we have accomplished  more in these 3 years then I have ever had in my life. Josh has always encouraged me to work hard and follow my dreams and pushes me to fulfill my potential. I am so blessed to have such a driven, hardworking husband...and did I mention handsome! Just in the past 3 years we have had a combined total of 11 jobs, some simultaneously, We have taken a combined of total of 168 credits, a total of 6 semesters on the Deans list, we have bought a total of 28 text books, 12 of them unnecessary, 8 school inflicted melt downs, 4 internships, 2 degrees under our belts and 0 pregnancy scares! Happy anniversary baby! I can only imagine what the next 70 years will bring!

Here is a recap of our first 3 years!

day 1

honeymoon in hawaii 

our first bed purchase
our first tiny little house

our first 4th of july
1st married lake powell

byu games
one of many car break ins
calico ghost town
one of many HP parties
San Diego
Josh's 25th

4th of july in CA
married LP 2
anniversary 2, lion king
camping with my baby
fall 2

brandon flowers


1st 5k together
another harry potter party
3rd lake powell married 

As long as I'm with Josh, Eternity...Bring it on!
I love you Joshua Ross Phelon!


  1. Love this! Hope you guys have great anniversary

  2. awww...congratulations. you two have been through a lot of excitement! happy anniversary. :)