Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back to Blogging

So I haven't touched this blog in a million years..... but I have been updated Drew's blog every week!! What's up with that!! I originally told myself I wouldn't let Drew's Blog have more posts then mine and his currently has 81 posts and mine has 83. Looks like it's time to blog again.

Reasons for not blogging:
1. I really don't have anything going on, My life consists of going to work, eating , and sleeping. (not much to blog about)
2. It's hard...and boring to just post pictures of things I like because I don't have any real life interior design projects that I have any pictures of.... =-/
3. My job is different from a typical designer's job. I basically work with a client at the store, I will occasionally go out to their house, and then I will find them furniture, rug etc. I rarely get to see any type of finished project. I will bug people for pictures and I usually get the same response, "Oh ya, give me your email again, I lost it" WHATEVER people!!!
4. I also don't have time to do anything else outside of my job. I feel like I work so  much that my own house is very much neglected. I still have a freaking love sac in my living room....COME ON KATIE!
5. It's a lot of work, with pinterest, instagram and facebook... it's just one more social media source to update. lol.

Well enough with the excuses I guess... Here is an inspiration board I did for a client who whats to redo her basement so she could use it as a voice coaching studio. She has a kitchen in the basement  and wanted to update it an inexpensive as possible. We decided that we would just paint the cabinets, put new flooring in and change out some light fixtures. She also eventually wants to redo her main kitchen upstairs. This board has a few different options I came up with for her.

Well I guess I will update you if she ends up going through with any of these ideas. Thanks or reading. =)

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  1. I love it Katie!!! So happy you are back to blogging, my friend! :)