Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas time is here

Just did my first Christmas decorating job with the Gatehouse! This Client is having a Christmas Party and wanted her house to be ready. It was so much fun working with Joey (designer at the store) because I learn so much. She is the Christmas decorating queen! "BG" (Before Gatehouse) I didn't know there was a wrong way to make a bow!
Here are some highlights via cell phone pictures, I hope they aren't too fuzzy... 
enjoy. =)

While we are on the subject of Christmas, I thought I would post some pictures of my beautiful tree that I am so proud of. This is our first year with a normal sized tree so it was fun to start from scratch and do exactly what I and red!
When you work at the Gatehouse and you decorate the store with amazing and expensive decorations all day,  so it makes it hard to come home to your $50 tree from Target. Unfortunately, 5 picks from the gatehouse cost more than my whole tree.... =(  thus, the reason I only have 5 picks from the gatehouse. 

Don't you just love it!

The banner I made out of paper sewn together, oh the wonderful crafty world of pinterest.
And I guess since I am posting so many pictures I should just add my cute fall wreath that is still adorned on my door.

A new Christmas wreath is in store.


  1. wow, katie, you are crafty! and guess what... i did blue and red on my tree this year, too! totally different look, but same color scheme.

  2. also, i just gave you a silly little award over on my blog for valentine's day! check it out: