Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Penguin Book Club: A members only club!

Obsessed with these Penguin Hardcover Classic Books.

So I feel like I've seen them everywhere, and I envy all those whole flaunt their fancy books on their non-ikea shelves.
I want them bad, but $20 bucks a pop is a little pricey for a starving student and one whom is not likely to actually read them, just use them for their flashy covers. I'm thinking they will fit nicely on my ikea BILLY bookcase in between my green duck and the Harry Potter 7 book. These sheilas will be welcomed with open arms into the Phelon book family. (Please disregard the happy halloween, I know it January. Promise.)

Fortunately, I've found them on Amazon for $13.60, go crazy ladies! Good thing my b-day is coming up so I'm hoping my hubby will catch on to my subtle hints!
Here are some pics of these books in action..

an anthro store

From the Showroom of Juxtaposition Home & Studio, located in the home state of CA
My personal fav, I love that they mixed the Penguins with the vintage cloth covered books.

And since we are on the subject of Penguins, can we please talk about these amazing Penguin book cover wall art.

pic via Covet Garden.com , online mag

this picture found on livingetc.com, another online magazine

Pic via remodelista

I know this Pride and Prejudice stretched canvas would love it at my house!

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  1. I LOVED your BLog Katie! You are so talented! The books were really cool and I loved the bookcase you designed :) (your comment about how you knew it wasn't halloween made me smile :) I want you to design my home someday :) <3