Monday, May 23, 2011

"Don't Stop Believing"

Life has been non-stop and I have been putting fun things on the back burner, such as blogging. But Duckworth Designs is still running so don't you worry!
My new job is a lot of work, aaand I still work for Caitlin Creer, so needless to say design is unconscionably being shoved down my throat!!! I can't believe how much I've learn just in this past month being out of school. Oh my cocky self thought I could jump into the world of design head on, thinking I was crafted in the ways of interiors. I was definitely not expecting the learning curve, and still so much to learn. 

Things I have learned so far:
-People, even in Utah, will pay good money for good design.
-Being repetitive eventually makes you loath that certain fabric, paint color etc. (just because you love it doesn't mean you need to use it all the time)
-Pillows are like jewelry, they should be interchangeable, without them the room still should look beautiful. They don't make the room, they should just add to them. 
-Good quality is always worth the price. 
-If you are confident and believe in yourself, others will believe you know what your doing.

And last but not least, Pillows are a girls best friend!
here are some funky pillows you may either love or hate.

  $89.95 from an esty show called Sukan 

                                                     $18 from an etsy shop called pilosale 

                                             around $50 from an esty shop called Tuuni 

                                           $47 from an online store called Fine Little Shop 

                                              $55 from etsy shop called My Bearded Pigeon 

Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned because this blog has not been abandoned. =) 
Love, Katie 

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  1. yeah, i love the lined paper and sunburst pillows! in other news, i realized that you weren't on my blogroll so i googled you to find your address and you came up #6 for "duckworth design!" very cool.